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    Hi Morgan,

    So I’m not going through a divorce, but have followed you for a long time, so decided to subscribe to this blog and hear what you have to say. So far it is quite inspiring and positive – something I can always have more of in my life. Thank you for sharing xxx

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    I really loved this clip. You are growing in beauty and wisdom Morgan – keep your light shining and sharing these amazing clips

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      Thank you Lynn! You re very kind… Hugs x

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    Hi Morgan Wow I can truly relate to this blog as I’m going through this awful process too!! You are truly an inspiration… well done!

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    Absolutely motivating💕,your truly the most inspiring person I know❤

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    Ive been through a divorce with my daughter of 3. Your guide is a constant comfort in a tough situation. Thank you. You a strong gorgeous mommy.

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