Meeting New Friends

When you go through a divorce and you find yourself faced with the need to build a new support group, it can be a pretty scary thing. When you have children and responsibilities, it can seem like you will never find the time to go out and meet new people and even if you did, where would you begin? It isn’t like school anymore. Adults can be closed off to other strangers. People have busy lives and generally don’t look to make new friends so often at our age. Well, I’m here to remind you, divorce is happening everywhere in South Africa. There are a lot of people going through exactly what you’re going through. (unfortunately) So here are some great ways to meet up with other people;

• Play dates
Taking your kids on play dates with moms from school, or from after-school activities, is an awesome way to meet other people. Sometimes the moms end up getting along better than the kids, and sometimes the kids get along more than the moms. Occasionally, both the kids and moms end up loving the play date, and that’s a great result.

• Work
If you decide to start working again, your social world could open right up. Meeting new people can be one of the best things about getting back into the working world. Learn to say “yes” to after-work drinks. Maybe just go for one! People are always different outside of work, so dive in for some downtime conversation.

• Church
I found that church was an awesome place to meet new friends. The people are pure and spiritual and offer you so much comfort and great advice. My church has so many amazing things going on right throughout the week, so there’s always something to attend that you can be sure will enrich your life and your heart. Check out your church’s website and see what is happening in your spiritual community.

• Charity work
Get involved in charity work. We live in a country that is overflowing with poverty. Go online and find out what’s happening in your city. It’s a fantastic way to meet other people with good morals. It can also help you put things in perspective.

• Meet up
Meet up is a fantastic app. Check it out. It brings people together for social outings in and around your city in a friendly, chilled way. It’s not a dating website. Most people will be in the same boat as you. They just want some friendly company and something to do, rather than just sitting at home.

You might not see it at the time, but divorce is a great way to filter through your friends list. Only the solid friendships will remain after the divorce, and that’s really not a bad thing. Hang on tightly to the good friends you already have, and open your mind to meeting new ones. One thing is for sure: The friends with whom you choose to surround yourself can have a massive impact on how quickly and effectively you pick yourself back up after a divorce. Try to surround yourself with positive, inspiring and compassionate people. People who give out love and lift you higher are friends worth keeping.

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